I would like to emphasize that I am very satisfied to have chosen Mrs. Nathalie Latour as my real estate broker. I really appreciated the service she offered me, both in terms of her professionalism and her guidance. Always present, patient, attentive and with good advice, she inspired my confidence. I would highly recommend her and wish her good luck and success in her work.

Louise St-Laurent

Many thanks for your words, it was really a demanding, but rewarding experience in the end! I pointed out the dedication, kindness and professionalism of Sonia - a big thank you to you Sonia for your work which made my experience a 10/10!

Andre Alves de Valle

I take a few minutes to thank you for the work of your team. A thank you to Sonia to whom I have already written and particularly to Stéphanie, for her kindness, kindness, patience and intelligence. My only disappointment is the photographer whose photos seemed unprofessional to me. But obviously they were sufficient for the sale. Thank you and good luck!

Sébastien Bédard

Hello !We sold our property with the help of Joëlle Bitar's team.Special thanks to Sonia, Shanna and Sarah for their support and professionalism.Best regards

Diane Audet & Denis Demers

I want to thank all of your team members who were always available and answered all my questions promptly when I had them. You demonstrated professionalism and courtesy throughout the sales process, which I really appreciated.

Alexandre Carrier

I listed my property for $ 500,000 and Joëlle Bitar sold it for $ 580,000! According to her strategy, she managed to get multiple offers! She has unparalleled negotiating skills. I really enjoyed my sales experience with Joëlle Bitar and her team. Their professionalism and speed of execution also amazed me ... I recommend her services without hesitation!

Karim Chagnon

We greatly appreciated all of the services offered thanks to the excellent teamwork. The people who accompanied us throughout the process showed good support and flexibility in reaching a good understanding and completing the sale of our family home. The efficiency and speed of communications was highly appreciated, as well as the professionalism and attentiveness to our diverse needs as salespeople. We are very grateful for the harmonious climate and the kindness that have been present throughout our association, to carry out the sale of our family home. Special thanks to Sonia for the great advice.

Martin & Sylvie

Finding a professional team to sell a property is quite a challenge. Thank you for being that team. It all started with Ms. Bitar's punctuality when we first met, a token of respect that the others could not achieve. The honesty and expectations were very clear as well, there were no illusions. The rest of the team handled the file exceptionally well; through their speed and quality of work. A special thank you to Sonia from the team who, in my moments of stress, was able to be reassuring, dynamic and did everything to be in solution mode. I recommend this team to anyone who wants to sell with confidence. Thank you for your services,

Philip-Xavier Roy

Initially we had listed our property for a period of 6 months with another broker without success, then an acquaintance referred us to Joëlle Bitar. Soon after marketing our property it was sold! We would like to thank Joëlle and the whole team for your prompt communication, your availability and your professionalism. We will definitely do business with you again in the future!    Julien Boisvert

Julien Boisvert

A quick note to thank you for your work in selling our property, your patience and your availability have made the project more pleasant and simple !!

Élizabeth Whear