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    The answer is simple: a real estate transaction is complicated, and the more years go by, the more complex it gets: evaluating, negotiating, qualifying buyers, inspecting, filling out legal forms, discussing inclusions and exclusions, the date of occupancy, etc.

    Joelle Bitar is there to accompany you through each of these steps. It is a complex process that requires a lot of experience and hours of work. She has the training, experience and knowledge of the market to ensure that the transaction is done properly and that there are no surprises. She has all the necessary tools for the best marketing of your property. With Joelle Bitar, you benefit from a bold marketing plan combining a marketing strategy and state-of-the-art sales techniques. She is also surrounded by notaries, surveyors, lawyers, appraisers, inspectors and mortgage brokers. She is the perfect ally to sell your house, condo or any other type of property. In addition, by doing business with a real estate broker, you are guaranteed to be protected by the law. With Joelle and her team, you will enjoy peace of mind.

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    In this comprehensive seller’s guide, you will find a wealth of relevant information and valuable advice to help you make your transaction a success. Download it for free!


    Why our clients love us



    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team for its professionalism, quality of monitoring and efficient technology process at each step which allowed me to close a sale very quickly and to my satisfaction. Warm regards

    -René Hubert

    Hello, me and my wife are happy to have sold with Joëlle Bitar's team. Many thanks for helping me in these complex procedures and thank you for your patience. I greet you all the team and maybe we'll meet again ... Thanks again !

    -D. Guitard

    A complicated transaction despite the type of product and the market situation until the final conclusion of the sale ... So it was quite exhausting . However, I would like to thank the team, more specifically Livia Gravenor for her kindness and listening and especially Sonia Thompson for her unwavering involvement. She knew how to reassure me at all times and in equal humor when I lost confidence. Another big thank you !!!

    -Marie Hélène Bazabas

    Hello Joëlle, I wanted to let you know that the sale was successfully completed today. I also wanted to express my appreciation to you and your team for the support provided throughout the process. You listened to my needs and were always available, showing great professionalism and warmth.

    -Louise Blouin

    Thanks to Joëlle Bitar's team, we sold our triplex at a very good price and above all without any stress. It was quick and easy to communicate  with the assistant Sonia Thompson. They took care of all the paperwork and visits. We have saved a lot of time and energy. Excellent choice!!!

    -Fanny Geoffrion

    I really appreciated my collaboration with the Joëlle Bitar's team. Sonia Thompson was able to reassure me, give me good advice and look after my interests until the end of the process. Her many years of experience in real estate have been more than beneficial to me given the complexity of my file. I will be forever grateful to her !

    -Marie-Josée Lévesque

    Hard work and help

    Now and after my property is sold, I wanted to thank you and your team personally for all the hard work and the help you have provided during the visits and finalizing the sell! People tell me that I was lucky to sell during the pandemic. I always reply that it's a bit of luck and a lot of hard work from my selling team. Thanks again!

    -Maher Haded

    Professional, curteous and efficient

    I am very satisfied with the team Joelle Bitar, professional, courteous and efficient, the property sold quickly thank you very much.And for Sonia:
    It has been a pleasure to work with you, it has made my job much easier even while being outside the country. THANK YOU!

    -Mariette Lachaine

    We absolutely recommend

    From our first telephone interview, Ms. Bitar immediately gave us confidence. His assessment of our building was beyond what we had estimated. We had a very tight deadline for the sale because of a departure abroad. Within a week our property sold for $ 60,000 above the price we had originally based. We were pleasantly surprised by the speed and professionalism of his team. We also took Ms. Bitar's team to find a property and thanks to their energy in time and effort we were able to acquire a property that perfectly suits our new needs. Sincere thanks to Ms. Bitar. We absolutely recommend.

    -Éric & Rachel

    Exemplary performance

    I am satisfied with your work and will not hesitate to use your services again. Thank you very much and well done for an exemplary performance by the entire Joelle Bitar team.

    -Stéphane Séguin

    Dedicated team

    I would like to thank all of Joëlle Bitar's team for the sale of my property.
    The price listed on Centris was $ 585,000 and Joëlle sold it for $ 610,000.
    The team was dedicated, they managed all the elements of the sale despite all the security rules put in place due to the Covid-19. They were open to any discussion to ensure a win-win situation for all parties.
    Thank you all very much for your work

    -Marie-Claude Sécher

    Easy and hassle free

    First of all thank you to your team and to you for making the task of selling my condo so easy and hassle free. I had all the support in the world and answers to my questions at all times. I really appreciate the experience with you and your team. The speed of sale considering that we put up for sale at the start of the pandemic has been incredible. THANK YOU!

    -Mélissa Turgeon

    Professional team

    Finding a professional team to sell a property is quite a challenge. Thank you for being that team. It all started with Ms. Bitar's punctuality when we first met, a token of respect that the others could not achieve. The honesty and expectations were very clear as well, there were no illusions.
    The rest of the team handled the file exceptionally well; through their speed and quality of work. A special thank you to Sonia from the team who, in my moments of stress, was able to be reassuring, dynamic and did everything to be in solution mode.
    I recommend this team to anyone who wants to sell with confidence.
    Thank you for your services,

    -Philip-Xavier Roy

    Availability and professionalism

    Initially we had listed our property for a period of 6 months with another broker without success, then an acquaintance referred us to Joëlle Bitar. Soon after marketing our property it was sold! We would like to thank Joëlle and the whole team for your prompt communication, your availability and your professionalism. We will definitely do business with you again in the future!   
    Julien Boisvert

    -Julien Boisvert

    Pleasant and simple

    A quick note to thank you for your work in selling our property, your patience and your availability have made the project more pleasant and simple !!

    -Élizabeth Whear

    Completely satisfied

    When I made the decision to sell my condo, my sister told me about her experience with Ms. Bitar. She was so satisfied, so it was only natural that I called on her.
    Exemplary professionalism, she answered all my questions, advised me in the right way and defended my interests as best as possible. I am completely satisfied and will call her again without any hesitation.
    The same goes for the entire reactive, dynamic, effective, efficient and up-to-date team.
    They were all great. I was in no way stressed by this experience, to be honest I didn't even have time. It all happened very quickly.
    Mrs. Sonia, was of such a precious help in directing me in the right way, in answering my questions and advising me.
    I am really impressed.
    A big thank you to everyone.

    -Claudia Sabbagh

    Support and professionalism

    Hello !We sold our property with the help of Joëlle Bitar's team.Special thanks to Sonia, Shanna and Sarah for their support and professionalism.Best regards

    -Diane Audet & Denis Demers

    Professionalism and courtesy

    I want to thank all of your team members who were always available and answered all my questions promptly when I had them. You demonstrated professionalism and courtesy throughout the sales process, which I really appreciated.

    -Alexandre Carrier

    Talent of negotiator

    I listed my property for $ 500,000 and Joëlle Bitar sold it for $ 580,000!
    According to her strategy, she managed to get multiple offers!
    She has unparalleled negotiating skills.
    I really enjoyed my sales experience with Joëlle Bitar and her team. Their professionalism and speed of execution also amazed me ...
    I recommend her services without hesitation!

    -Karim Chagnon

    Excellent teamwork

    We greatly appreciated all of the services offered thanks to the excellent teamwork. The people who accompanied us throughout the process showed good support and flexibility in reaching a good understanding and completing the sale of our family home. The efficiency and speed of communications was highly appreciated, as well as the professionalism and attentiveness to our diverse needs as salespeople. We are very grateful for the harmonious climate and the kindness that have been present throughout our association, to carry out the sale of our family home. Special thanks to Sonia for the great advice.

    -Martin & Sylvie

    10/10 experience

    Many thanks for your words, it was really a demanding, but rewarding experience in the end! I pointed out the dedication, kindness and professionalism of Sonia - a big thank you to you Sonia for your work which made my experience a 10/10!

    -Andre Alves de Valle

    Thank you

    I take a few minutes to thank you for the work of your team. A thank you to Sonia to whom I have already written and particularly to Stéphanie, for her kindness, kindness, patience and intelligence. My only disappointment is the photographer whose photos seemed unprofessional to me. But obviously they were sufficient for the sale. Thank you and good luck!

    -Sébastien Bédard

    Assistance and listening

    Our condo being on the market for a few months with other brokers, we finally choose Joelle who sold it in a few weeks!Thanks to Joëlle's team for their assistance and their listening throughout the sales process.

    -Lotfi Mbarek

    A Powerful Team

    Thank you for the quick sale of our triplex at an incredible price! Your team has been very professional and truly listened to us. Your approach has reassured us during the sale of the investment of our whole life, a most nerve-racking moment especially during the holidays!

    -Julie Turp & Steve Savage

    Knowing where you are going and feeling well supported!

    At our first meeting, Ms. Bitar presented her plan of action very well and she is surrounded by a very attentive and competent team.
    Thank you

    -Brigitte Bégin

    A very well organized and professional team

    For our Condo, like many we decided at the beginning to sell it by ourselves. After 1 month of intense visits (more curious than real qualified people), we chose the team of Joelle because we had the obligation to sell relatively quickly because of departure / return in Europe. After we had agreed with Joelle, in just two weeks, the condo was sold and above the price we wanted.A very well organized and professional team, thank you again to Joelle and all her team !! 

    -Anthony Nobile

    Professional and helpful

    -Andy Fung

    Patience and professionalism

    We would like to thank the Team of Joëlle Bitar and especially Stéphanie Burgos, who despite some pitfalls in the course of sale has shown a lot of patience, professionalism and was quick to find ways to facilitate communication and find solutions. solutions. We wish you all the Team Good luck for the future!

    -Olfa Zayani

    Sold within three weeks

    Joelle pushed to get us the best possible price for our condo and she did it within 3 weeks. She works quick and always makes herself available for clients. She met every request we had in order to close the deal to our utmost satisfaction.

    -Vanessa Fabrizio

    Great negotiating skills

    We took the time to choose our real estate broker and our choice was the best. By her audacity and her great ability to negotiate Joëlle has been able to create a higher bid and obtain a price higher than the asking price for our building in less than 4 days. Thank you wholeheartedly to the team Joëlle Bitar.

    -André Bucci

    Very professional

    Very nice experience with Joelle and her team! Very professional. Our triplex was sold in a very short time! Thank you!

    -Simon-Pierre Messier

    Thank you to Joëlle and all of her team

    With Joëlle and her team who took over the sale of our condo, we had a well-run organization, well structured, always available and very professional. When I thought that selling your property by yourself was relatively easy, I quickly realized that the advice, support, expertise and determination of a broker like Joelle could make a difference. Thank you Joëlle and all your team.

    -Michel Guyot

    Efficiency and professionalism

    We made the decision to sell our condo in the Tour des Canadiens last September. Our choice to entrust this mandate to Mrs. Joëlle Bitar was very judicious since less than a week later, our condo was sold. Thank you and congratulations to the whole team for your efficiency and professionalism.

    -Martine Côté et Normand Raymond.

    Thank you wholeheartedly

    We had noticed Joëlle's work in our neighborhood and we met her the day of our call. She is available and professional and works with an excellent team. Thanks to her great ability as a negotiator, Joëlle was able to create a higher bid and the sale was well above the asking price in less than 6 days. Thank you wholeheartedly to the team Joëlle Bitar.

    -Nadia Coulombe & Éric Dupré

    Excellent work

    Joëlle Bitar and her team did a great job for me. I sold my plex in 2 months!

    -Dominique Bernier

    Very professional character

    What is remarkable about Joëlle Bitar's team is its very professional character.

    -Robert Jodoin

    Attentive and professional

    When it comes to choosing a real estate broker, the choice is never obvious ... With Joëlle Bitar and her team, I made the right choice! She sold my Plex in only a few months, but moreover, I received the assistance I needed with the purchase of my new property! My real estate transactions were managed in a caring and professional way, A big thank you to the whole team!

    -Éric Chevalier

    Extraordinary team

    Joëlle Bitar's team is simply extraordinary, especially Sonia and Sarah Thompson, whose patience and advice were always beyond our expectations. The professionalism of all the members of this team made all the difference for us and allowed us to live this process as serenely as possible. I can not recommend it more!

    -Éliane Rocheleau

    Thunder Team

    Hello Joelle
    Thank you very much for your excellent service, your efficiency, and your kindness, you are a team of thunder!

    -Isabelle Hayeur

    Very good experience

    Very good experience! Joelle and her team did an amazing job selling my condo, although further discussions were needed. They have always been very diligent in calling and answering questions. I would definitely recommend her and her team. Thank you Joelle Bitar!

    -Ingrid Blauer

    Thank you

    Professional and very committed service!Thank you Mrs. Bitar

    -Lave auto bleu, blanc, rouge

    Sold in 2 months

    My wife and I hired Joelle Bitar to sell our property which we had first posted with DuProprio, without success.Thanks to these contacts, we sold our property quickly in 2 months at an excellent price. We recommend Mrs. Bitar without hesitation!

    -Benjamin Miron

    Very nice team

    Thank you Joelle, a quick sale and a great team!

    -Simon-Pierre Dalpé

    Professional and efficient service

    Professional and efficient service thanks to Joelle's big network, she sold our condo on the Plateau in a few weeks.

    -Kaba Kefing

    Contact network, dynamism and follow-up

    We went on vacation with peace of mind after selling in just three weeks thanks to Team Joelle Bitar. I recommend Joelle for her network of contacts, her dynamism and very professional follow-up.

    -François Lépine


    Negotiation: this is the strength of Joelle Bitar. After only 5 days on the market, we already had 7 promises of purchase for our house. She convinced us that January was a very good time for the sale of our house unlike two other brokers who advised us to wait until mid-February. In three weeks, the loop was completed and the price obtained higher than the price displayed. Thank you very much Joelle.

    -Ginette Dussault

    Congratulations to the whole team

    Our choice to entrust the sale of our condo to Mrs. Joelle Bitar was very judicious since less than a week later, our condo was sold.Thank you and congratulations to all the team for your efficiency and professionalism.

    -Martine Côté

    Very efficient

    Ms. Bitar knows a lot about the income home market. It assesses the price to ask and negotiates very well. She does all this in a short time. She is very efficient.

    -Francine Bergevin

    Quick and efficient

    Having tried to sell by myself without success, I appealed to Joelle Bitar who quickly sold my condo. I recommend Joëlle Bitar without hesitation, she and her team take care of everything from A to Z, quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the whole team !

    -Kevin Gauvin

    A big thank you

    A big thank you to all the team Joelle Bitar. This was my very first sale. It all happened in a few days and the team provided me with invaluable support and greatly appreciated during the negotiations and the transaction.

    -Valerie Saint-Jacques

    Top notch services

    -S. Katz

    An exemplary broker

    SOLD in 17 days !!! I salute the competence of Joëlle BITAR, an exemplary broker who masters her craft to perfection. Joëlle does not allow herself to be complexed or limited by "comparables", she surpasses them, trusting her knowledge of the market, her team, and her vast network. I gave her my triplex knowing that it would be sold in optimal conditions. Not surprisingly, I got a price of 75 to 100 thousand dollars higher than the one that offered me four other brokers that I had previously consulted. Amazing trading expertise and ability! !

    -Bruna Viana

    Excellent service

    I was very happy with the service that your team provided. Especially for the time that you've took to sell the condo. If by any chance, we would like definitely come back to you again.Thank you very much.

    -Lu Gan

    Thank you so much

    We would like to thank the team Joelle Bitar for their assistance in the sale of our property, which was not easy. There was a lot of negotiation and exchange up to the notary and at all times we received the help needed to finish the whole thing without too much trouble. Thanks to their advice and follow-ups, we were finally able to settle our sale and move forward! Thanks again to all the team!

    -Stéphanie Brisebois et Martin Holmes

    Best assistance

    The sell of our condo was not the easiest for us, but with Joelle Bitar and her team, we got the best assistance to complete the transaction in peace. We surely recommend their services in your real estate projects. Thanks to the team!

    -Amel Ouki

    Precious help

    To all the team Joëlle Bitar, and her executive assistant Sonia in particular, I would like to say THANK YOU. I am a person with busy schedules and the sale of my condo was an excess liability difficult to manage. With the assistance of Joëlle Bitar and her team, my concerns were addressed in a timely manner, I was able to avoid a lot of wasted time, while benefiting from strategic and practical advice to obtain the best possible price. I was not convinced at the outset of the need to be represented by a broker, but I could see that it made all the difference. I was impressed by its extensive network reaching local and foreign buyers, its knowledge of the items buyers are looking for, its speed of execution and, quite simply, the result: condo sold in 10 days. Congratulations to all the team Joëlle Bitar, and thank you again for your precious help!

    -Catherine Bohémier

    Perfect choice

    I live in Ontario and I needed a broker up to the task of handling the sell of my condo from distance in Montreal that has a tenant. Joelle Bitar and her team was the perfect choice. Not only did the sell happen fast and smooth, but they took care of coordinating the visits with the tenant, send me detailed feedback from every client, handle all the paperwork in my absence and be present with the inspectors. I couldn’t have done it without them. Joelle promised to sell my condo within 3 months, she sold it in 2. The team was very professional and answered my inquiries without delays. Thank you again Joelle and your great team Sonia, Sarah, Shuk Wai, Shanna, Stephanie and Melissa, you exceeded my expectations and negotiated fiercely for my interest. I couldn’t have done it without you.

    -Abdallah Al Absi

    Sold in 6 days

    A big thank you to Team Joëlle Bitar, we sold our condo in 6 days and the process was easy and enjoyable! We recommend her services without hesitation!

    -Karim Alami

    Sold in 2 weeks!

    Our Condo sold in 2 weeks! We want to thank all of Joelle Bitar's team, in which Yanhong who was very professional throughout the whole process of the transaction.

    -Li Feng

    Sell with peace of mind

    With the Joëlle Bitar team, I was able to sell my condo quickly and in peace, while benefiting from constant support! I would like to thank the team for their excellent work!

    -Robert Gervais

    Superb team

    Joelle Bitar's strength is above all her team. Special mention to Sonia Thompson who was very present during all the stages of the sale of my house and advised me well with each decision I had to make. Thank you again Sonia for being here during the whole process!

    -Anne Sérode

    Impressive interacting skills

    Very good service, very prompt corresponding and very impressive interacting skills. And I would absolutely recommend Joelle to anyone I know who want to sell or buy. Many thanks to Joelle and I really appreciate the service. And thanks to Sonia and Sarah as well for their efforts. The transaction went smoothly without any issue.

    -Jin Li

    High negotiating skills

    Joëlle Bitar sold our house in one week. We were asking for $349,000 and we got $359,000. I am really impressed by her professionalism, talents and negotiating skills! More than ever, I highly recommend Joëlle Bitar for selling your real estate properties. In my case, she has proven herself like no one else has.

    -G. April

    Excellent talented negotiator skills

    We did meet several real estate brokers before choosing Joelle Bitar. Certainly we have made the best choice because she has sold our house at a great price and that, over the assessment made by other brokers! With her excellent talented negotiator skills, she was able to sell our property In three months above its market value. Joelle Excellent work.

    -R. Bachour

    A saleswoman who knows her business!

    Our property was for sale at $485,000 with Duproprio, but we were not getting any offers. Joelle proposed her services and suggested we raise the price to $500,000, that seemed unrealistic to us. But, with 2 buyers outbidding eachother, she actually sold our house for $520,000 in only two weeks! This saleswoman knows her business and she certainly had our best interest at heart. Thank you Joëlle Bitar 

    -Philippe Archambault et Sylvie Leblanc

    What a saleswoman!

    Two different brokers tried to sell our duplex without success. Joelle Bitar raised the price of our property before relisting and she sold it. We recommended her to my brother whose property had been with another broker without result and she also sold it. What a saleswoman! She will not be dettered.

    -Dam Than Kict et Lung Lok Seong

    An unconditional support

    My brief experience with Joelle Bitar was a real success.
    After 6 weeks on DuProprio, without any real progress, very few visits and no offers, the wind turned!
    One meeting with Joelle Bitar, a visit to my condo, a discussion of sales strategy, and my property was sold within a month!
    I appreciated the staff's professionalism, getting confirmations of visits, but especially the unconditional support during the final price negotiation, to my satisfaction.
    A sincere thank you to you and your team!

    -Paul Parent

    Professional and efficient

    With Joelle Bitar and her team, you're in good hands and will get the full value of your property. They are very professional and efficient; I thank them for their great service.


    Negotiation is her strength

    Joelle's strength is negotiation. After only 5 days on the market, we already had 7 promises of purchase for our house. She convinced us that January was a very good time for the sale of our house unlike two other brokers who advised us to wait until mid-February. In three weeks, the loop was completed and the price obtained higher than the posted price.Thank you very much Joelle!

    -Ronald et Ginette

    Very professional

    Thanks again for the sale of triplex in Homa. You and your team have been very professional and I will not hesitate to refer you to the first opportunity.Greeting

    -Michel Sauvageau

    Courteous and dedicated

    I want to thank Joelle Bitar for all her work and commitment in the sale of our condo. Courteous and dedicated she is always ready to keep us informed. Very reliable, honest and professional, presentation she does is accurate and very well prepared which gave us confidence in her 100%. Joelle thank you again for your excellent work !!

    -Guy Léger

    Quick sale of my condo

    After trying for several months to sell my condo for myself, I realized that I needed an experienced help. Within weeks Joelle Bitar accomplished this task. Sincere thank you for the quick sale of my condo. You have fulfilled your mandate to my entire satisfaction!

    -Jean-Francois Couture

    Simple and enjoyable

    Selling our condo was not a foregone conclusion, is located in a building where several units are for sale, but Ms. Joelle Bitar has raised to the challenge! Her dedication, professionalism and real estate increased knowledge have ensured that this transaction was more simple and enjoyable.

    -Claude Tardif

    Thank you

    We thank you for selling our condo to 99% of the asking price, and for your support throughout this process has not been without some moments of discouragement from us!

    -Lydia Morin-Tordjman et Steeven St -pierre

    Support team around

    Your skills, your understanding of our real estate sector and the professional support team around you helped given the positive results that we know.

    -Éric Field et Nancy Poirier

    Professional and efficiently!

    We sold our condo quickly, with our agent Joelle, who accomplished her work professional and efficiently ! I also gave her to sell one of my other properties with confidence!

    -Stéphane Pédnault et Stéphane Delamontagne


    Joelle thank you , we thought that selling our house was to be a fluke but actually it had everything to do with the competence of the broker and you fully got it ! You knew how to showcase our property and from there everything fell into place so easily! After all it was not luck but the know-how and the acumen of our broker :)

    -Yan lortie

    Sell in 3 weeks!

    Ms. Joelle Bitar was more than helpful in selling our condo in 3 weeks. Throughout the process, she showed great willingness and she never hesitated to give us the benefit of her many excellent tips and competence. We recommend her to all my friends!

    -Nikita Cobeto et Paparella Vincent

    Highly recommend

    Joelle Bitar turned out to be very professional in selling the five-plex located at Montreal. Her dedication was greatly appreciated her outstanding work and allowed me to get the impossible. I was very pleased with her service and I highly recommend Joelle Bitar as a real estate broker. A big thank you !

    -Jacques Landesque

    Excellent negotiator

    First, I should mention that Ms. Bitar is a very patient person and professional. She is an excellent negotiator who quickly differentiate the essentiel from the details. The mastery of her profession greatly secure us during the process of selling our house. It was a very short process because it allowed us to sell our house in less than five days and at the desired price! This experience was nice and simple and all this due to sincere and attentive nature of Ms. Bitar. We highly recommend Ms. Bitar to all those who intend to sell their property! Bravo and thank you again.

    -Imen Zayani et Olfa Zavani

    Great professionalism

    "In the world of real estate, we never know who we fall when we choose a broker, but with Joëlle Bitar we have certainly not disappointed! After time on Duproprio we decided to entrust our house to Joëlle who not only sold us the property in a few weeks at the asking price, but also demonstrated great professionalism, great seriousness and impeccable global service. Joelle thank you! "

    -Olivia Savescu et Amar Ayadi

    Above the advertised price!

    Ms. Bitar sold the property of my neighbor in just two weeks and at a price above the advertised price! I contacted my neighbor and it confirmed to me that Ms. Bitar offered a peerless service. On his recommendation I decided to sell my property and as my neighbor I got a higher price than what I posted. Following to this excellent work, another neighbor of our hotel contacted Ms. Bitar for his services and the result was again an excellent price in a few weeks. For these reasons I have witnessed directly Ms. Bitar I recommend for anyone wishing to sell at the best possible price !!!

    -Marie Josée Methote

    Really efficient

    Unsuccessfully on sale for 6 months with an other broker my property sold in 3 weeks only by Ms. Bitar and her team . Really efficient.

    -Carmen Lafrenière

    Right choice of real estate broker!

    Most of the time, selling property does not rhyme with peace of mind .... But when your broker name is Joelle Bitar, you can have this peace of mind because selling becomes simple and professional ! We Have sold and we are proud to have made the right choice of real estate broker!

    -Dniella Cretu

    Thank you very much Joelle!

    Collaborate With Joelle Bitar for the sales of our property has been a great choice. Her patience and positivism allowed us to persevere in this arduous process that is the sale of a property. She was able to guide us and we are very grateful to her . The peace of mind has no prices. With Ms. Bitar the closing was done in a professional way, simple and according to our expectations .... Thank you very much Joelle!

    -Dave et Dominic

    Extensive experience

    Selling property is an exciting and stimulating project , stressful and sometimes unexpected. We always need to be assisted and led by the best and it is exactly What I've found in the broker Joelle Bitar, her availability, listening and extensive experience allowed a quick sell of my condo (22 days) in a simple and professional way. I recommend to all to deal with the Team Joelle Bitar is simply the Best!

    -Renée Giblin

    Sold with success

    Joelle Bitar sold my property and the property of my friend. Those two buildings were sold with success and at the best price. I recommend Ms. Bitar to all those who love to sell with no stress and with results. Professional services and no problem!

    -Ms Yang

    Thank you!

    I want to thank you for all the work you have done to have sold my condo in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal. It was a success! Again thank you!

    -Claude Lemieux

    Kindness and sensitivity

    My wife and I were lucky to have met realtor Joëlle Bitar to which we are grateful. Throughout the purchasing process, we provided us support with her skills, know-how, perseverance, kindness and sensitivity.

    -Daniel Landry et Princesse Demeney

    Negotiating talents

    A family friend has recommended Mrs. Joëlle Bitar to sell our property. She is an excellent reference to know. She helped us to obtain the best possible price thanks to her negotiating talents and her professional dedication. We will be recommending her to all our friends!

    -Piggi Patrinos Piskopos

    Extremely professional

    Just recently, we had the pleasure to do business with Joëlle Bitar. She is extremely professional, respectful and loving.

    -Lucille et Benoit

    2 weeks!!

    Joëlle Bitar sold our house in two weeks! Congratulations and a big thank you for your work Joëlle!

    -Christine et Normand

    Great investment!

    Great investment! I found a great investment thanks to Mrs. Joëlle Bitar. She is reliable, always available and knows what she’s doing! I strongly recommend her for all your real estate transactions.

    -Rami Wazir

    The results exceeded my expectations

    Your approach is unique because of your courteous ways, your transparency and efficiency throughout the selling process. I always felt I could trust you. I had a pleasant experience and the results exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your invaluable dedication.

    -Youssef Hakam


    Joëlle Bitar sold my 2 apartments building in one day and at an excellent price! I am impressed by her hard-work. I am also thankful for her immediate availability without hesitation. People have told me you were the best; they were right!

    -Wenda Dawne Knox

    No stress

    I would like for you to know that you’re a competent person and that you take on all your responsibilities in a positive way to make your services adequate and satisfying. Thanks to you, my house got sold in just a few weeks, with no stress and in the best possible conditions. Thank you so much.

    -Daniel Morissette

    Sold in 12 days

    Thanks to Joëlle, I was given an honest and dynamic customer service. In less than 12 days, my house was sold. I can never thank her enough.

    -Yannick Pilon

    Many thanks to you!

    We did business with Mrs. Joëlle Bitar for the sale of our duplex. Not only did she sell our duplex in 2 days, she also sold it close to 100% of the asking price. Knowing that we would’ve agreed to a lower price, she kept on insisting until we got the best possible price. Many thanks to you!

    -John et Élisa

    Simply and with great skill

    Our duplex was sold at a very good price in eleven days only! The sale was sealed simply and with great skill! Huge thanks to Mrs. Joëlle!

    -Hobinov Pleman

    I have found peace of mind

    Thank you Joëlle for your remarkable work. Your know-how made the difference. Thanks to you, I have found peace of mind. Within 4 weeks, you have rid me of a stress that I endured several months for trying to sell my condo by myself and before that, through an agent.

    -Sharon Normand

    Great results!

    Thanks to licensed realtor Mrs. Joëlle Bitar, I have made $150,000 in profits in less than a year. In fact, I had purchased a house for $445,000 and a few months later, I was forced to sell it. Mrs. Bitar sold it in fourteen days for $595,000. I am thankful to her for her remarkable work and great results! Many thanks Joëlle! I wish you all the success for years and years to come!

    -Akhavan Mohamad

    Available and friendly

    A word to thank you, JOËLLE BITAR and your relevant and reliable team. I received a great service, very efficient, professional, always available and friendly! My property was sold quickly and at a very competitive price. You are remarkable and competent. It was a true pleasure to work with you and your team. Thank you very much for your great help!

    -Yang ( Alain ) Wang

    Efficiency and availability

    After attempting to sell our condo by ourselves for 4 months, we decided to call on the services of Joelle who had sold two neighbouring properties. Ours has been sold in 34 days. We appreciated her efficiency, her availability and that of her team too. Returns calls and communications were always very quick and easy! We recommend her highly. Thanks Joelle.

    -Ninon et Sylvie


    With Joelle nothing simpler, we first discussed our expectations and our fears then we were guided by Joelle. Result : In a few months we sold our property with satisfaction. We recommend her for people who are eager to sell.

    -Julie et Gérard

    Very successful!

    I hereby would like to express our appreciation to Joelle Bitar for the whole process that led to the closing of the sale of our condo. Despite difficult market conditions, it was very successful!

    -Gamache Moez

    Trust and respect

    Hello Mrs. Bitar! I found that the trust and respect of your customers are very important to you, my wife and I were very happy to do business with people like you for buying our condo. Again thank you and hope to use your services again!

    -Younes Hassan